Finally, yoga for curves!

For yoga students:



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These unique yoga classes and retreats with Tiina are offered specifically with the round body in mind, with practices modified accordingly. Seize the opportunity to explore yoga safely and in a way that suits your constitution/ anatomy best. Enjoy practicing and exploring in a comfortable, friendly, non-judgmental environment at Halcyon Health!

Classes are lighthearted and fun and are

small enough to offer individual attention

Classes of a few styles are offered (see Descriptions tab for details), and include a combination of Yoga Asana (poses), Pranayama (breathing), Mindful Movement, and Mindfulness Meditation.

Absolute beginners welcome along with any other “level.” Any size is welcome. This exploration is not about how big or not big, nor how advanced or not advanced, how flexible, nor how strong. Nor is it about weight loss. It is an opportunity to come and explore yoga beginning from where you are, to move your body and quiet your mind in a safe, supportive environment. See the "Class Descriptions" tab to the left to choose the right class for you.

For yoga teachers:


Join the movement to make yoga more inclusive: become a Yoga for Round Bodies™ Teacher! Training is now available on-demand online!

Elevate your practice, increase your income and

add incredible value to your community.

You will learn pose modifications and variations, use of props, body-reading skills, and relevant applied anatomy that will enable you to better meet the needs of round students who attend your "regular" classes, and further, will enable you to offer Yoga for Round Bodies classes in your community with confidence.

Become a well-rounded teacher, join us for Yoga for Round Bodies Teacher Trainings! (Now available on-demand online!) Click here to learn more.



-Jason Crandell

"Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious

about who you are."

Yoga for Round Bodies

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Tiina Veer