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Tiina Veer

Tiina Veer is the Founder of Yoga for Round Bodies™, the Founder & Steward of Halcyon Health Wellness Centre in Toronto, and is a Leadership Team member of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. She is passionate about sharing simple self-care, and about making yoga more accessible to more people. An established Toronto Registered Massage Therapist for 18 years, Tiina has helped hundreds of massage clients find well-being and balance through bodywork, education and simple self-care. Tiina's warm personality, cheerfulness and genuine desire to facilitate "permission to be oneself" are immediately disarming and set a perfect stage for change, healing and learning to play out.

Inspired by her own experience living and practicing yoga in a round body, informed by her manual therapy practice and anatomy knowledge, Tiina shares yoga with students and teachers in a way that is accessible, sensitive and safe for all practitioners. With a no-nonsense, non-dogmatic approach to teaching, Tiina integrates the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern anatomy knowedge and clinical experience, in a context relevant to everyday life.

Tiina often refers to herself as "the Unlikely Yogi" and a "self-proclaimed anatomy geek." Some of her hobbies include: kite aerial photography; intuitive archery; relaxed camping; hiking; and regular forest appreciation for "plugging back in." She lives in Toronto with her partner David and their rescue dog Taco.


"You are not a lesser being just because your

hamstrings are tight."

-Tiina Veer